Food At The Green Living Expo

There will be something for everyone this year at the Green Living Expo on May 8th. We are very pleased that several of our local food vendors will be returning by popular demand. All of our food vendors are setup with ez pay so you dont have to bring cash! They are:

Kettle Korn Poppery will be back with their freshly popped gourmet popcorn. In addition to their regular lightly salted and lightly sugar glazed popcorn, they will have available unsalted popcorn for those attendees needing to limit salt intake.

You will find Debbie Dix’s POSH in the cafeteria where she will brew some fresh aromatic fair trade coffee and herbal ice tea. Among the delights for the senses you will also find ‘Divine’ and ‘Art Bar’ fair trade and organic chocolates. ‘Art Bars’ have become known by chocoholics nationwide for their unique packaging and commitment to supporting the arts by donating 10% of their profits to art education. She has some other surprises for us as well.

Award winning TasteBudz will also be back with a variety of their wholesome freshly cooked breakfast and lunch specials. Last year Chef Judy helped us great the day with her Oat Pancakes and Turkey Sausage. I do not know what lies in store for us for lunch but I can rest assured that it will be tasty and healthy.

Soul Vegetarian will also return with their unique vegetarian cooking. I understand that they are opening a take out restaurant and have been cooking up some of their signature meals with the power of the sun. Maybe we can get them to show us what they know about solar cooking.

Sopchoppy landmark and favorite eatery, Scratch Cakes will be back with some local favorites. We’re hoping for some fruit breads, cookies and cinnamon buns. Miss Audrey also plans on bringing some surprises.

New to our Expo is CornerstoneCooking. Morris Pigott will bring his trailer barbeque to cook up some tasty burgers and pulled pork sandwiches. He credits his dad for inspiring his passion for cooking. He remembers fondly watching and helping his dad cook for the family.

JandJ Lemonade are scheduled to bring lemonade to quench our thirst. They will have some lemonade that you can sweeten yourself with alternative sweeteners.